John Sieler's Priorities

The Nebraska State Board of Education has lost parents and voters’ support, respect, and confidence. It wasn’t like that in 2010-2014 when John served on the board.

The NSBE recently proposed health standards that would have required second and third-grade students to learn about gender identification theory, same-sex attraction, oral, anal and vaginal sex.

John believes students should learn about these sensitive topics from their parents.

John supports parents’ rights, including sending their child to public school, private school, or home school.

The current board also tried normalizing Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project. John will not impose revisionist history on vulnerable minds.

John’s mother was a teacher. That makes him an advocate for teachers who are under-resourced, underpaid, and underappreciated.

John will partner with parents and educators, not oppose or ignore them.

He will listen to the opinions of Nebraskans over out-of-state think tanks.

John will concentrate on the core basics to improve student outcomes. He’ll work with his colleagues and lawmakers to propose solutions to Nebraska’s teacher shortage.


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Days Until Primary Election
The primary election has already been held. It was on May 10, 2022.