Meet John Sieler

Friendly and affable John Sieler attributes his political pragmatism to growing up in Spencer, Neb. He and his wife Becky married in 1966 and moved to Omaha two years later, where they raised four children. While volunteering with Becky at an Omaha church, John heard the call to servant leadership. He balanced home life with a successful business career while discerning the call to public service. John watched national and local Republicans get voted from office in the 1976 election. John got involved in the local GOP, not one to stand by and complain. That began 46 years as a leader in the Nebraska GOP. In 2010, John was elected to the Nebraska State Board of Education.

John and Becky decided 46 years in state and local politics was probably enough. John had many accomplishments. The Sielers deserved a life of leisure. Then watchful eyes turned toward the behavior and egregious policies of the Nebraska State Board of Education. John delayed his retirement and filed to be a candidate for NSBE District 8.


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Days Until Primary Election
The primary election has already been held. It was on May 10, 2022.